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Hope For The Future

Protect The Future Of Nature


Sustainable Intelligence: making an impact by reducing our carbon footprint. When each person cares for their own garden intelligently, remarkable results appear worldwide.


Energy Planning Maximizes Profits

Sustainable Intelligence (SI) is committed to advance planning, so that your projects flourish at their maximum efficiency while using a minimum of energy.


Recycle, Reuse: Reinvest

In addition to paper, glass, and plastic, many other materials can be recycled efficiently, including water, soil and energy. Recycling is at the core of SI's mission.


Saving Water Reduces Expense

Our most precious commodity can take many forms: unfiltered, filtered, grey, salt, hot, cold, steam, ice, etc. SI maximizes the use of your water to minimize cost.




If the often simple recommendations of Sustainable Intelligence are followed, energy bills get slashed immediately and our communities join the collective imperative to use resources wisely. Responsible energy use is no longer a choice. We are grateful to expert founders Alan Ball and Jim Callaghan for providing such an affordable and practical road map to sustainability, for the benefit of everyone, for our planet, and for future generations.

- Bridget McDonald, Ph.D., CEO Women's International Center